Experience excellence in every aspect at Lucky Palace Korean Restaurant. From the inviting atmosphere to the exceptional cuisine, we offer a top-notch dining journey. Our knowledgeable waitstaff goes the extra mile to ensure your experience is truly wonderful. Nestled in a cozy and comfortable setting, our restaurant is the ideal place for a relaxed dinner with friends or family. The traditional Korean BBQ menu boasts a fantastic selection, featuring classics like bulgogi, samgyeopsal, daeji galbi, and japchae, each cooked to perfection—bursting with flavor yet light on grease. Discover innovative takes on traditional dishes, elevating your culinary adventure. Highlighting our commitment to authenticity, every order includes a variety of banchan (Korean side dishes), such as kimchi, spicy dakon, and delectable fishcakes. For the ultimate Korean BBQ experience in Houston, Lucky Palace is your destination. Come and savor the finest flavors, warm hospitality, and a memorable ambiance.
8508 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX